Now, when the New Year's Eve celebration is just around the corner, we all ask ourselves a question: what should I wear to look elegant and stylish? I am like you, so I also think about it all the time. I know you might be surprised, but that’s true!

No matter what the current trends are, there are some tips that are always good to know. Today, I’d like to share these tips with you.

 Tip #1           

Stay classy at an office party or another corporate event

Elegant and sophisticated style has always been in fashion; so a classic look would work well at any office party or corporate event. Choose a dress of white, beige, powder pink, or any other neutral colour and complement it with classic pumps and elegant accessories. This year, an elegant printed dress will also be a good choice. If you'd like to impress everybody with a good sense of style, my advice would be also to choose leather or satin purses and shoes that match in colour and texture.

Pattern dress and white accessories

Tip #2

Choose a shiny, but not too sparkly outfit

If you are going to wear a sequinned dress, the biggest mistake will be to choose a sparkly purse and shoes to complement it. Sequins and glitter help to draw attention to particular elements of your look. But too many of them in your outfit may make people around feel uncomfortable, as they will not know what to focus on while looking at you or talking to you. So when it comes to complementing your sparkly dress, the best choice will be black dress pumps and a black classic or royal vintage style purse. It is also important to avoid excessive jewellery.

Glamour party style

Tip #3

Don’t forget about an elegant black dress

 Elegant black dresses, if styled properly, have always been a symbol of elegance and chic. The only problem is that even the most expensive dresses from the best designers may make your look gloomy. This is not want we expect at the New Year's Eve party, right? So if you prefer to stay classy and wear a black dress, just add glamour to your look. How can you do it? Just choose glitter shoes and a sparkly purse. Well-chosen sparkly jewellery is also what you need! 

Elegant party style

Tip #4

 Wear lace

If you want to look wow, but you do not like too much glamour, a lace dress would be a great option. A lot of people avoid these gorgeous dresses just because they think it is hard to choose the same style accessories. Good news, however, is that well-chosen trendy accessories match lace dresses very well. Another thing is that there is also a great selection of royal vintage purses in designers’ collections. In the picture below, you can see a lace dress that is paired with an amazing royal vintage purse from our collection. The Key Earrings from #dolceandandgabbana have become a great complement to this look as well.

Vintage party styleRoyal vintage style

Tip #5

Wear faux fur

If you like to look chic and warm at the same time, but you strongly believe that wearing a fur coat is bad, a faux fur coat or a jacket is what you need. It will help you look gorgeous and feel warm at the same time. A rule of thumb here is to choose a coat or a jacket that would match the colour and the style of the main outfit. 

Party style

So, if you were struggling trying to find the right style for this upcoming New Year's Eve party, I do hope you found my tips and pictures helpful. Wishing you all great fun! Happy New Year! :)

dress elegantly dress for a party party party dress

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